Thursday, 26 November 2009

Blog, huh? Oh yes!

Ah yes, a blog! That thing one UPDATES to pass on info, share stories and even the occasional amusing anecdote.

I've been busy, no really I have. The Peanut and I have been to several craft shows in the last two months. Some were great, some a bust but they were all enjoyable. Yes, even the one where 9 out of ten people who came up to the stall and looked at the cupcakes said "are those real?" I finally resorted to writing "yes, they are real!" on the sign. Even the woman who asked me if I was "lying" about whether they were real and that the glitter was in fact edible on them was amusing. Hey I got a story to tell about that at least, sorry I mean an 'amusing anecdote'!

I have been in a craft making frenzy with lots of stuff going out to various places. The Marchmont Gallery is soon to be carrying my owls, chickens and embroidered pouches, which will be arriving with them next week.

The Made in Shade Maisonette has several of my items this week but hurry as they won't last! There you can find my craft kits, pinnys, owls, dachshund (he needs a loving home) and my new favorite shifty foxes.

I'll also be at Mono this Sunday for the Glasgow Craft Mafia's Handmade Haven along with The Stitchn' Kitten (the Peanut) who will have her pin cushions, magnets and vintage matchbook notebooks-all great stocking stuffers!

As for baking, that is going along nicely as well and in addition to the delicious things I send over to the gorgeous Heart Buchanan daily I am also supplying KI Yarns in Edinburgh. They have an adorable little shop here in Glasgow which I frequent (all too often really, it's like yarn porn) but in Edinburgh in addition to the yummy yarns, they also have a little tea shop!

On a personal level I have been getting started on my annual Christmas cookie boxes where friends will each receive a box of assorted goodies for Christmas! I'll post more on that later and maybe even add in a recipe. I really love making christmas cookies.

Also in the works a secret potential business opportunity which would completely change my life...stay tuned.

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Tina Gilmore said...

Ooohhh! I stayed tuned...but no update on your business opportunity and your life changing... i'm so curious here. Love your blog, love your work too.